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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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2008 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentMethodStatus
Nathan D. Beaver1/1/2008Joslyn Placeshotcleared
Thomas Swan1/24/2008Poultney St.shot
Thomas Liberatore2/7/08Prospect Avenueshotcleared
James Urbinato2/8/08East Eagle St.beatencleared
Djavad Smith2/11/08Michigan Avenuestrangled
Tony Lee Turner2/27/08Durham St.stabbingcleared
Tiffany Jackson3/1/08Best St. beatingcleared
Luis Medina3/4/087th St.shotcleared
Christian J. Thomas4/8/08Montana St.shot
Jamell A. Wright4/15/08Barthel Streetshot
Bianca Leatherwood4/12/08Courtland Avenueshotcleared
Raymond Johnson Jr.5/07/08Rapin Placeshot
Kevin Smith6/3/08Chenago Ave.stabbed/blows to headcleared
Aretha Martin6/5/08Walden Avenueshot
Jermaine Martin6/7/08Bailey Ave.shotcleared
Kenneth Williams6/14/08Comstock&Kensington Ave.shot
Gregory Milhouse6/22/08Bickford Avenueshot
Sebrun Daniels6/28/08Jefferson Avenueshot
William Benton7/5/08Woltz Avenuestrangledcleared
Matthew Elliott7/5/08East Utica St.shot
Drayton Collins7/6/08Collingwood & Bailey Ave.shot
Mark Moody7/11/08Weber St.shotcleared
Chevas M. Clark7/28/08Leroy Avenueshot
Demone McDougald8/10/08Birch Placeshot
Marque Lewis8/18/08Broadway near Swinburneshot
Loren Hinkle8/24/08Sanders Road, lower aptshot
Dhanika McDaniel8/24/08Sanders Road, lower aptshot
Nancylia Salter8/26/08Hagen St.shotcleared
Cheryl Booker9/15/08Fillmore Avenueshot
Omar Fraticelli-Lugo9/15/08Busti Avenueshot
Newborn baby9/19/08South Park avenuecleared
David Brown9/23/08Eller Avenueshot
Raquan Loyd11/7/07Busti Avenueshot
James Simpson Jr.11/19/08Berkshire Avenueshot
Jamal Griffin12/5/08    Glenwood Avenueshotcleared
* Antonio U. Jones12/14/08Wohlers Avenueshot
Sarah Ernst12/25/0814th Streetshotcleared
                        * Incident happened on May 12th, 2008 at about 4am. The victim succumbed to injuries on December 14th