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Buffalo Police Department Confidential Tip Line: 847-2255
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2010 Homicides

The City of Buffalo has had the following deaths ruled as homicides. Any information from the public in regards to these cases can be directed to the Buffalo Police Homicide Squad at 716.851-4466 or the Police Department's confidential TIPCALL hotline 716.847-2255. The cases are considered active, unless indicated otherwise.

NameDateLocation of IncidentMethodStatus
 Aaron T. James1/1/10Strauss Streetshot 
Christopher Rudow1/5/10Scott Streetblunt force trauma
William Foster1/5/10Hudson Streetstabbed
Rick Costner, Jr.1/16/10Delaware Avenueshotcleared
Lincoln Burks1/29/10Cornwall Avenuestrangledcleared
William Humphrey2/7/10Military Roadshot
Daniel Smalls2/13/10Genesee Streetstabbedcleared
Tommy L. Wimberly2/17/10May Streetshot
Ramone Eady4/1/10Genesee St.& Hagen St.shot
Thomas Garland Jr.4/1/10Fillmore Avenueshot
Kenzel Fleming4/6/10Davidson Avenueshotcleared
Michael Cullen4/8/10Grider Streetbeatencleared
Joshua Korczykowski4/8/10Playter Streetshot
Robert Burroughs4/12/10Elmwood Avenuestabbed
Dominic Baker4/25/10Wick Streetshot
Rodney Cole Jr.4/26/10Goodyear Avenueshot
James Velazquez5/3/10Busti Avenueblunt force trauma
Jamarrion A. Keenan5/8/10Bailey Ave. & Kermit Ave.shot
Anthony LoCascio5/25/10Elmwood Avenuestabbedcleared
Albert Rose5/30/10Amsterdam Avenueshot
Virgil T. Page6/5/1019th Streetshotcleared
Jerry Lee Davis Jr.6/9/10Schuele Avenueshot
Fernando Vega6/9/10Schaffer Village, West Laneshotcleared
Jawaan Daniels6/11/10West Delavan & Grant St.shotcleared
Adrian Little6/13/10Clinton Streetshot
Darryl Berry6/26/10Auburn Ave. & Barton St.shot
Chester Scott7/5/10Dodge Streetstabbedcleared
Don Baldwin7/17/10Horton Placeshotcleared
Damion Diggs7/20/10Walden Ave. & St.Louis Ave. shotcleared
Shirley Conway7/24/10Goodyear Avenueasphyxiated
Andre Worthy7/29/10Perry St.shotcleared
Michael Burgos8/5/10Rano St.shot
Lawrence Bradberry Jr.8/12/10Durham Avenueshot
Robert Dumas8/14/10Genesee & Doatshot
Willie McCaa III8/14/10Main St.shotcleared
Danyell Mackin8/14/10Main St.shotcleared
Shawnita McNeil8/14/10Main St.shotcleared
Tiffany Wilhite8/14/10Main St.shotcleared
Ronald B. Walker8/15/10Cambridge near East Delavanshot
*Spencer Cowart8/26/10Sattler Avenueshotcleared
Joseph Washington8/28/10Main St. and Glenwood Ave.shot
Ahmen Lester9/10/10East Ferry St. & Ernst Aveshot
**Ronald Evans9/16/10Chelsea Placeshot
Stanley Peete9/17/10Berkshire Avenueshot
Joy Rizzo9/22/10Tuxedo Placeshotcleared
Dominique Maye9/30/10Hewitt Avenueshotcleared
Joshua Anderson10/7/10Cambridge Avenueshot
Lawrence Hairston10/13/10Mulberry St.shot
Jerrell Beavers10/14/10Poultney Avenueshot
Alfred Lucas10/31/10W.Chippewa and S.Elmwoodstabbedcleared
Sammy Cooley11/17/10Lonsdale Avenueslashedcleared
Justin Boykin11/26/10Niagara St.shot
Dontay Armstead11/27/10Wyoming Ave & Scajaquada Stshot
Charles B. Myles-Jones11/29/10Kensington Avenueshot
Elexe Mercado12/25/10Columbus Parkwayshotcleared

*Spencer Cowart was shot on August 14th and died on August 26th.

**Ronald Evans was shot on September 1st and died on September 16th.